Flash-Vent™ Copper Drainage Plane Flashing has been designed with a flexible 3oz. or 5oz. sheet of copper laminated on one side to a polymer fabric and drainage fabric on the opposite side.  Flash-Vent™  does not clog, eliminating the need for mortar netting.  Flash-Vent™  is compatible with air barriers, spray polyurethane foams, insulation and construction sealants.  Flash-Vent™  has a life of the wall warranty.

Key Properties

  • Drainage plane flashing
  • Life of the wall warranty
  • Does not clog with mortar
    - Eliminates need for mortar netting
  • Best in class puncture resistance
  • Fire resistant: Passes ASTM E84, Class A
  • Mold resistant: Passes ASTM D3273
  • Made of 90% recycled copper♻
  • Copper: meets ASTM B370-11
  • HPD# available upon request
  • Continuous weep/drainage

Uses / Benefits

  • Cavity wall
  • Stucco
  • Manufactured stone
  • Thin brick
  • Compatible with building envelope:
    - Air barriers
    - Spray polyurethane foam
    - Cavity wall insulations
    - Construction sealants

Available in Sizes

Available in 3 oz. & 5 oz. Copper
40' rolls
12", 18", 24" & 36" Widths