York’s preinstalled Term-Clamp™ allows any type of through wall flashing to be installed just before the outside brick lay up, eliminating damages done by trade hazards and exposure to the elements.

Key Properties

  • Compatible with all types of through wall flashings, air barriers and sealants
  • One way hook design ensures flashing placement and hold
  • Made of prestressed UV stable rigid PVC
  • Fully integrated mortar key for strength and sealing
  • Costs less to install than strip style term bars
  • Will not corrode or rot

Uses / Benefits

  • Risks of tucking the flashing in the backer wall
    - Punctures due to falling debris
    - Fatigue from wind and the elements
    - UV degradation
    - Damage from other trades
  • Risks of using termination bars
    - Sealant failure
    - Bowing of the bar due to expansion/contraction or fasteners
    - Water infiltration due to improper fastening or sealing

Available in Sizes

8' Lengths
25 pieces/box (200 linear feet)