YorkShield 106 TS™ is a copper termite barrier solution, made of a single sheet of 2 oz. copper and a tough polymer layer, laminated with 100% rubber adhesive.

The copper is flexible, easily formed on-site and the rubberized laminate offers excellent protection from the chemically-treated wood. Unlike aluminum termite shields, YorkShield 106 TS™ will not corrode or degrade when exposed to ACQ and other treatments.

Key Properties

  • Asphalt-free
    - Will not stain concrete, vinyl or wood
  • Compatible with all pressure treated lumber
  • Everlalm™ technology enables polymer layer to seal around fasteners to form a protective barrier
  • Thermal stability to 275°F
  • Compatible with all adhesives, caulks and sealants

Uses / Benefits

  • Flexible and easy to use on foundations and basement posts
  • Unlike aluminum flashing - will not corrode with ACQ treated lumber
  • Provides superior protection against termites and other insects

Available in Sizes

60' Rolls
8", 10" & 12" Widths