YorkWrap™ Non-adhesive Polymeric Isolation Tape* is a flexible, 20 mil. thick PVC membrane designed to isolate ACQ pressure treated lumber from galvanized metals – an economical way to prevent the corrosive effects of incompatible materials and stop potential moisture problems.  YorkWrap™ also provides superior moisture protection for decking applications.

Corrosion can happen wherever pressure treated lumber comes into contact with galvanized metal. Because that can happen is so many places – at all joist and post anchors, and skirt boards of steel-sided buildings – it’s a good idea to complement your flashing with our latest innovation.

*YorkWrap™ is not a substitute for flashing and is not warranted as such.  It is an isolation membrane designed to use in conjunction with flashing.

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Key Properties

  • Protects wood and galvanized metals from corrosion and deterioration
  • Maintains structural integrity by protection against moisture between deck and joists
  • Protects joist tops and ends from excess moisture and rotting
  • Available in a variety of widths to suit a number of applications
  • Will not crack or flake in temperatures as low as -20°, and is resistant to acids, alkalis and caustics

Available in Sizes

150' Rolls
3 1/2", 7 1/2" Widths
36", 48" and 54" widths available for water diversion