Weep-Net™ is a free draining mesh material that will not degrade in the cavity wall and is made of polymer strands.  The dovetailed design is 10″ high and the dovetailed slots are 7″ deep, which prevent mortar droppings from clogging the weep vents if the material fills the entire air space of the cavity wall.  Weep-Net™ is packaged in bundles of 20 pieces each, with no wasteful cardboard boxes.

Key Properties

  • Dovetailed design
    - Keeps mortar from blocking water flow to the weep vents
    - Provides structural strength to hold up under normal mortar loads
  • Keeps weep vents clear of mortar droppings and construction debris
  • Promotes air flow

Uses / Benefits

  • No compatibility issues with cavity wall components
  • 5' sections available in 1" or 2" depths
  • 20 pieces per bundle
  • No wasteful cardboard boxes
  • Environmentally friendly

Available in Sizes

1" x 10" x 5' (20 pcs/bundle - 100 linear feet)
2" x 10" x 5' (20 pcs/bundle - 100 linear feet)
24 Bundles per pallet

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