Multi-Flash™ Stainless Steel Fabric flashing has been designed with a flexible 2 mil sheet of type 304 stainless steel laminated on one side to a polymer fabric. Multi-Flash™ SS offers best in class puncture and tear resistance. Multi-Flash™ SS uses include: cavity wall flashing, foundation sill flashing, flexible flashing, head and sill flashing and through-wall flashing.  Multi-Flash™ SS has a life of the wall warranty.

Key Properties

  • Life of the wall warranty
  • Available in type 304 (standard) & type 316 for more corrosive/coastal areas
  • Best in class puncture & tear resistance
    - Puncture: ASTM E154; 2,500+ psi
    - Tensile: ASTM D412; 100,000
  • Fire resistant: ASTM E84 Class A material
  • Mold resistant: passes ASTM D3273
  • Heat resistant: Will not degrade in high heat applications (like SPF applications)
  • Stainless steel face is an excellent surface for air barriers & sealants to adhere to
  • Exceeds all performance specifications for York's copper fabric flashing
  • Unlimited UV exposure: to prevent damage, product must be concealed within 180 days
  • Flexible & easy to cut & form by hand
  • Made of 60% recycled material & recyclable
  • 60' rolls for less lap joints
  • HPD# available upon request
  • Non-staining: can be used with limestone

Uses / Benefits

  • Through-wall flashing
  • Transition membrane (air barriers, roofing, waterproofing)
  • Window & door sill pan flashing
  • Jamb closure flashing
  • Roof to parapet flashing
  • Deck ledger flashing
  • Compatible with building envelope:
    - Air barriers
    - Spray polyurethane Foam
    - Insulation boards
    - Construction sealants

Available in Sizes

60' Rolls
12", 18", 24" & 36" Widths
*Type 316 is available for coastal/severe applications
60' Rolls
12", 18" & 36" Widths